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CHOREOGRAPHY AND PERFORMANCE Katharina Greimel & Marc Philipp Gabriel Thanks to: Alice Chauchat, Shannon Cooney Sie verdrehten einander die Köpfe auf Augenhöhe. THURSDAY 24 APR 2014 / 21:00h // IN ZUCHT / BA Festival / @ Uferstudios Studio 14 / HZT Berlin.


CHOREOGRAPHY AND PERFORMANCE Liselotte Singer & Marc Philipp Gabriel Weil wir uns gerne haben. From dance into combat, we play with triggers of different forms of excitement (intimacy, grace, exaltation, fever, violence) that we get caught in and transmit out. As a movement entity we are in a relationship of constant negotiation on physical and …

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Video documentation of the first showing and after talk, recorded at Con Cowan theatre, Johannesburg, 20 FEB 2016: SHAVE THAT GUMMI is an international choreographic research that unleashes between innumerable poles of difference. How can we breathe under all the highly charged misconceptions that have been cast onto us in past and present times? Coming …

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space agency

Voice training for SPACE AGENCY by Fleur Khani “Space Agency is a choreographic piece for a choir. The performers activate the space around them through text and music. The audience is absorbed in the displacements in the space and the descriptions of houses, rooms, walls, objects, odours, colours, sensations … These spaces of daydreams become …

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Linhas Imponderáveis


Arte de representar na pele a configuração de um espaço interno com todos os seus acidentes.O corpo enquanto hospedeiro do caos, onde habita? O fenómeno da assimilação/apropriação involuntária das acções envolventes e a observação do processo de gestação das mesmas. Um trabalho da Rita Vilhena e Raquel Mendes em colaboração com Marc P. Gabriel. Dec …

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every one everyone


  Every One Everyone began as a personal process of exploration, a series of studio meetings with people joining me in an experiment: receiving a physical impulse from my body, allowing themselves to be swayed in their perceived craniosacral rhythm. With always more then two people present in each studio encounter, participants were than asked …

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26 + 27 OCT 2013 // with Jenni Ramsperger / HZT Berlin / @ Uferstudios Studio 14   Tanz: Simone Detig, Parwanhe Frei, Susanne Mayer und Annegret Schalke Musikdramaturgie: Marc P. Gabriel Produktionsassistenz: Paula Führer Choreografie: Jenni Ramsperger Zelten bedeutet unterwegs sein und draußen wohnen, seine Heringe in den Boden stechen, sein Lager im Freien aufschlagen und den Standort …

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SMLXL – Uferfenster

Gabriel M. Philipps / Marc Philipp Gabriel: SMLXL – Uferfenster Installation Why is this place called Uferstudios and what does AUSUFERN mean? Why can I not see through walls? What if I could? And if I can, what do I see behind? Come and see through the walls of Uferstudios! Discover the beautiful riverbanks and …

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MOVE OP: HYMNEN Eine performative Arbeit zur Frage der Nationsbil dung (D) Festival-Event – MOVE OP – Festival für europäisches Musiktheater unter prekären Bedingungen Die Studenten des Studiengangs Tanz, Kontext, Choreografie des HZT Berlin widmen sich in einer performativer Arbeit der Frage, wie wir in einem Raum aus vielen Nationen mit vielen Individuen koexistieren können. …

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PRÈCIS – Dichterliebe

27 JUN 2013 Prècis // CHOREO DOUBLE DATE/ HZT Berlin at ITs Festival / @ Frascati 1 Amsterdam with Ana Laura Lozza, Miriam Jakob, Anna Posch, Claudia Tomasi, Cinira Macedo, Kareth Schaffer, Lee Meir, Martin Hansen, Laura Unger, Julian Weber, Juan Harcha, Désirée Meul, Annegret Schalke Students from the BA Dance, Context, Choreography programme of …

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