every one everyone


Every One Everyone began as a personal process of exploration, a series of studio meetings with people joining me in an experiment: receiving a physical impulse from my body, allowing themselves to be swayed in their perceived craniosacral rhythm. With always more then two people present in each studio encounter, participants were than asked to map their sensation both as observers and performers, leaving traces in varied forms – writing, drawing, speaking, moving etc.


Shannon Cooney concept, choreography, performance

Marla Hlady artistic advisor
Igor Dobričić dramaturge
Sandra Blatterer light
Anke Eckardt sound
Heather MacCrimmon costume
Ky Lloyd production manager
Barbara Gstaltmayr PR
Performing Assistants in Berlin:

Katie Dunbar, Stine Frandsen, Marc Philipp Gabriel, Katharina Greimel, Alicia Grant, Susu Grunenberg, Robert Kingsbury, Kunle Kuforiji, Ben Mergelsberg, Philipp Meyer, Helen Rupp, and Claudia Tomasi.

Jörg Antholz graphic artist
Alexa Vachon photographer

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