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  “A duet about inner instability, bodily hope and sound reoccurrence.” Analog Voids is an unstable duet for two bodies and their voices. The voices are captured by a vintage REVOX tape recorder and looped unevenly: with each round of the tape, the original sounds are distorted a little more, drifting further away from their …

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acoustic sighlines

CHOREOGRAPHY Shannon Cooney CO-CREATED AND PERFORMED by Shannon Cooney, Stine Frendsen, Marc P. Gabriel LIGHT Sandra Blatterer SOUND Anke Eckardt Commissioned by Tanznacht Berlin 2012 and Ada Studios, 10 minute duration   acoustic sightlines was created using techniques created in Cooney’s teaching practice, Dynamic Expansion called “moveable cinema”. The score for the work was collectively …

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rohstoff:oper Georg Friedrich Händel ACI, GALATEA & POLIFEMO Arr. Enno Kraus für Mezzosopran, Sopransaxophon, Tuba und Klavier Eins. / Aci liebt Galatea. / Zwei. / Galatea liebt Aci. / Gut. / Polifemo braucht Galatea. / Hm. Drei. / Liebe? / Jaja, Liebe. / Immer noch gut. / Immer noch gut? / Schwach werden. / Stark …

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rohstoff:oper PASTICCIO SPAZIALE INSZENIERUNG UND PRODUKTION Wenzel U. Vöcks und Marc P. Gabriel BÜHNEN- UND KOSTÜMBILD Annika Paetsch MUSIKALISCHE LEITUNG Roman Lemberg und Julia Glaß MIT Sarah Cossaboon, Joanna Harries, Marianne Klaassen, Alan Razzak Januar und März 2012



CHOREOGRAPHY / PERFORMANCE Marc Philipp Gabriel Tanztage Berlin 2008 sophiensaele Berlin Selbstanleitung ist die spielerische Entdeckungsreise eines Individuums: Ein offengelegter Lernprozess, der genau das in Zeitlupe untersucht, was wir schon lange als selbstverständlich zu übersehen gelernt haben. Wir haben vergessen, dass wir motorisch scheinbar banale Bewegungsabläufe wie Greifen, Gehen oder Sprechen uns als Kinder mühsam …

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noir & blanc

Tanzfabrik Berlin 2007 PERFORMANCE AND CREATION Léa Lescure & Marc Philipp Gabriel

SALTO (video)

SALTO is a shimmering slow-motion 10-min-rollercoaster of frictions between rocks, skin, saltwater, wind, feathers, fur, moss and concrete. A single panning movement of the camera circumscribes the dramatically contrasting landscapes of Madeira Island, Portugal. When a human body emerges from the ground in a single dance move, time is removed for a moment before everything …

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Drag in Japan – AJIMA (exhibits)

Shot at locations in Japan, April 2019 CONCEPT Marc Philipp Gabriel & Maija Karhunen PERFORMANCE AJIMA MAKE-UP Marc Philipp Gabriel COSTUMES Maija Karhunen PHOTOGRAPHY Marc Philipp Gabriel “Drag in Japan – AJIMA” is a performative photo project that extends the notion of drag from gender performance on stage to identity performance in public. It is …

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GIRO (Video)

Giro narrates the trajectory without showing us the destiny – the camera follows the movements as such creates its narrative – the character hides behind the camera and reveals that feelings don’t want to be shown – Perhaps the film tells a story of loss or recovery even – but the capturing movements confuses perspectives …

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