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MONSTRATOR – Helena Botto

Monsters are scary, terrifying and ugly -this is how we imagine them. Yet they are also representations of anarchy and signify longings of being ‚different’. Monsters give us the lusty creeps; ’angst lust’. Because they exist outside of the norm, monsters threaten our identity and agitate our certainty whilst confronting us with our own self. …

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photo: Dieter Hartwig  DOWN TO EARTH is a whirling dance of constructed identities shaped by increasingly complex constellations that go beyond the universal social interrogation of “where are you from?” and “what do you do?”. Existing examples of socially coded dance, music and cultural artifacts collide until alien identities are born and shattered on stage, …

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Music Pieces for Voice Piece

Evgenija Wassilev: Music Pieces for Voice Piece for Bass, Tenor and Baritone (after Voice Piece for Soprano by Yoko Ono), 2016 The work is based on a re-interpretation and translation of the instruction piece Voice Piece for Soprano by Yoko Ono, performed by musicians, in tribute to Yoko Ono’s piece and interpretation. The voice piece …

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The performance AJIMA stages a character that oscillates between real and fake, private and public, quotidien and theatrical. Throughout the piece, the ambiguity of our wavering identities and roles, our assumptions on others in social interactions become a life exhibition, are cast a spotlight on, and are processed in a collective ritual. The self-referential character …

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photo: Ahmed EL Gendy 26 MAY 2016 / 19:00 / CYBORG’S HERITAGE // Mayhem / Vanitas Performance Fest / Kopenhagen 24 APR 2016 / 19:00 / CYBORG’S HERITAGE // Talking to a deer (friend) / DOCK 11 / Berlin 09 SEP 2015 / 19:00 / CYBORGS HERITAGE // Veem House for Performance / Amsterdam   …

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where we are now

Just walking the dead, sitting in the Dschungel, you are using me, i’m extending you and we are doing the same, with you seated here witnessing us. Where are we now, where are we now? Being in a time and space that are far, far away, but also happen to be here and now. Both …

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BUILT TO BLAST is a one-on-one performance-situation. A Rendezvous with a room. For about 15 minutes. An intimate encounter of non-human and human, aiming to blur the distinction between those two. Mind-blowing, nerve-racking, seducing. It is fucking educational. For everyone / everything involved. BUILT TO BLAST is a nut-cracker, a bottle opener of a performance, …

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ABRAHAMIC WHOLENESS (or my God is better than yours) – Helena Botto

17 April 2016 / 7:30 pm / DNA – Space for Contemporary Dance and Performance / ANTISTATIC / Sofia, Bulgaria Helena Botto (Portugal / Germany) Concept, performance and space Helena Botto Sound design and performance Joshua Rutter (première) / Marc Philipp Gabriel Dramaturgical consultant Iva Sveshtarova Sound devices and mics (research) Nikola Pieper Light adaptation and operation Víctor Pequeño, Nikola Pieper …

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SHAVE THAT GUMMI is an international choreographic research that unleashes between innumerable poles of difference. How can we breathe under all the highly charged misconceptions that have been cast onto us in past and present times? Coming from two different continents, we are still chewing on the same piece of gum. F*ck. Being labelled before …

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BUILT TO BLAST … again and again and again …

  I have a new practice. It is still forming itself. It is an entangled, continuous moving-perceiving in different situations in space and time. To open up the »big hole«, I am aiming to unlearn perception as I have known it so far. It is to unlearn categories, labels and patterns that I have learned …

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