A.I.R _ Absolut in Ruhe

by Tizo All

“My artistic practice is a place of encounter and collision between the individual and the collective. My awareness is where the intangible is present. The senses are awakened and a process of transformation can start, because the trigger is the body in its multiple and amplified forms.” 


The space and the deep sea are soaked in fluid storms and silence that our auditory system can’t grasp.

Silence is seeking for peace or a confrontation of memories and actual feelings.

Is silence a matter of absence? What is voluntary, what is imposed?

The voices that have been silenced with their life. The voices that spread hatred with their filthy discourses and should keep their mouths shut. The ones which are not heard because their signals and symbols do not support a system of continuous destruction.

For the brave voices that sing their life and scream their manifestos.

We keep silent.

May this be a new form of communication?

We inhabit Tivoli Park as a site for a specific performance of silences.

Not seeking for answers. Leaving residual presence in silence.

CHOREOGRAPHY & PERFORMANCE Tizo All, Marc Philipp Gabriel

Duration: 10 hours

Comissioned by

SPIDER Festival 2021 / Ljubljana, Slovenia