SYMA x 11

SYMA x 11

A simple arrangement that addresses research on interrelations and togetherness of posthuman companionship, the human body and technology. How do technology and  the human body interact, where do the two constructions meet?

SYMA x 11 is an attempt at mediating complex (everyday) situations, addictions, problematics and tendencies in a direct setup. The work approaches the question of current use of technology in life and society with a yet ambiguous conclusion. A rejection of concluding but rather acknowledging the presence of technology in modern life as full of facets — a multi-colour print. Questions which cannot be answered with a single voice but should be raised and reflected upon as reversion seems impossible. Through this work and research we try to reflect on how much the access to machines and human substitutes influences our expectations and demands to the abilities of the body.

SYMA x 11 serves as an epiphany between two co-existing elements in the world — perhaps a meeting between the two with some kind of dual compassion at stake. A revitalisation of the old concept of a duet: a relationship between the two.

SYMA x 11 is to be seen not just as a choreography, but a happening, a live screenplay, the instant formation of a sculpture or simply a different way of knowledge production combined with poetry.


CONCEPT & PERFORMANCE  Miriam Kongstad & Marc Phillip Gabriel


First showing:

14 + 15 NOV 2015 // SYMA x 11 / ada studio Berlin / Uferstudios