Pina Bausch Fellowship 2019

Marc Philipp Gabriel is a Berlin based performance artist working with body, voice, installation, video and architecture from the perspective of dance and movement. His fellowship partner is Dançando com a Diferença dance company (Portugal), who work with physically and mentally differently abled people of all ages. Marc will learn about their understanding of dance and their working methods, to deepen his understanding of joint creative spaces and to enhance his perception and sensitivity for artistic work with all the bodies we have.

„There is a refreshing candidness and honesty that drew us to Marc Gabriel’s approach. Through his work one sees clear intimacy in his own search, taking the risk of an experimental form with a high social accent. As expressed in his statement, Gabriel declares “I am learning to cultivate being honest to my own needs (which eventually has lead me to dance!) and to see not-fitting-in as a strength rather than weakness. I often tell people that I love dance “because you can’t fake anything without everybody noticing”. Pretending something to yourself is pointless, so for me dance practice is practicing honesty in life. That’s why I love the motto “We dance with the body, not despite of the body” of Dançando com a Diferença. We are curious to see how the time spent with his chosen partner will inform and influence his approach and crafting of his own work, in terms of enriching his skills as well as widening his perspectives. We are hopeful that it will translate into further and compelling ways of expressing Marc’s deep humanity.“

– Jury-Statement

Fellows 2019: Marc Philipp Gabriel, Martha Hincapié Charry, Lee Méir and Ariel Moreira

photo: workshopy by Marc Philipp Gabriel with  Dançando com a Diferença / Teatro Viriato, Viseu