Danse Macabre & The burning of the Bugs – VIDEO

Work-in-Progress – STAGE 2

photos: Zee Hartmann

CREATION & PERFORMANCE Joni Barnard, Liselotte Singer & Marc Philipp Gabriel
COSTUMES Tizo All & Team

NOV 2021 / Uferstudios Berlin / Residency Programme

In the frame of the Berlin Residency “TRIALS AND REVISITING”, Joni Barnard continued working on their collaborative performance Danse Macabre and the Burning of the Bugs. The project is a tragic-comic response to the current species extinction in the insect world, the horror of the Bug Apocalypse and the absurdity of humankind’s violent destruction of our habitat. Joni invited the videographer Elisa Purfürst, the dancer-performer Liselotte Singer, Marc Philipp Gabriel as a visiting performer and dramaturg and Tizo All for costume and scenic design and conception. For the residency the artists concentrated on creating soundscapes and layering realtime making and projected images to the performance. As further input, they consulted experts on insects based in and around Berlin and researched deeply the team’s experience, bias and discrimination towards interspecies interconnectedness.


Work-in-Progress – STAGE 1

Joni & Marc met 5 years ago in South Africa​. Since then the biomass of flying insects has declined by about 14%, as studies in Germany and Puerto Rico have shown. When Joni & Marc were kids, there where 4 times more flying insects than now. Since then the amount of beatles, flies, bees and butterflies has reduced by 75% – in just 30 years! Danse Macabre and the burning of the bugs is a response to the current horror of the Bug Apocalypse, the violence we inflict on the planet and each other and the absurdity of our self-induced overheated end of days. How many bugs have died today?

CONCEPT / CREATION / PERFORMANCE Joni Barnard & Marc Philipp Gabriel

13 MAR 2021 / AS AN ACT OF LOVE – Chapter 2: Climate Change // PremArts / Berlin
& live stream

Joni Barnard is a rap and dance artist, live performer, choreographer, dramaturg and cultivator of embodied activism. She is adventurous and wild and loves collaboration, experimentation and play! She creates subversive work that encourages people to reflect on and question their identity and position in society. Socially and culturally, this is important in generating self awareness, improving interpersonal relations and igniting transformation. 
Marc Philipp Gabriel is a Berlin based performance artist working between body, voice, installation, video and architecture from the perspective of dance and movement. His work offers unconventional angles on social norms, contributing to the discourse of future models of how to be together on and with planet Earth.
This work is supported by Tanzpraxis Berlin and the Sonder-Stipendium of the Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa.
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