BUILT TO BLAST … again and again and again …


I have a new practice. It is still forming itself. It is an entangled, continuous moving-perceiving in different situations in space and time.

To open up the »big hole«, I am aiming to unlearn perception as I have known it so far. It is to unlearn categories, labels and patterns that I have learned and trained throughout my whole life to simplify and structure the world around me into something understandable, coherent and rather stable. I guess this is what we usually do in order not to go nuts.


/////// Excercise: “Tuning into the speed of things”
        Practicioners: Anna Fitoussi and Marc P. Gabriel

15 mins at 25x faster speed:


Spaces that we move and live in are heavily normalized towards a certain way of being, effective on many layers: how we sense, move, have sex, make performances, spend our lives. I am examining bodily intelligence in urban space the entity that is commonly divided into the dichotomy of public and private , such as the closed space of a dance studio in relation to the closed space of a public train or bus.

Intertwining this with the equally questionable dichotomy of the individual (me) and the group, I want to train the permeability of losing and finding my center in an articulated collective process. The autopoietic loop of folding, unfolding, folding, unfolding etc. my self emotionally, economically, rationally, virtually in a larger organism, drives me to the question of how I am made by my environment and how I make my environment, while challenging the distinction of space and people, in search of a utopian togetherness of human and non-human subjects.

Work in progress.

/////// Excersise: “Moving-perceiving. Reorgnising the world in new entities (monsters).”


/////// Excercise: “Dancing the MESH. Moving with the democracy of things and humans.”
Practicioners: Diethild Meier, Josephine Findeisen, Anna Fitoussi and Marc P. Gabriel


///////  Video documentation of lecture presentation “BUILT TO BLAST …again and again and again…”
         14 July 2015, graduation project from BA dance, context, choreography at HZT Berlin

With appearances by: Liselotte Singer, Diethild Meier, Josephine Findeisen, Anna Fitoussi, Stine Frandsen, Cécile Bally, Renen Itzhaki


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