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Drag in Japan – TASO

Shot at locations in Japan, April 2018 EPISODE 1 for Episode 2 – AJIMA, click here CONCEPT Marc Philipp Gabriel & Asaf Aharonson PERFORMANCE / CO-CREATION TASO MAKE-UP and COSTUMES Asaf Aharonson PHOTOGRAPHY Marc Philipp Gabriel Supported by SEIUNKAN AIR Artist-in-Residence programme, Komoro, Japan The character TASO (performed by Asaf Aharonson) moves between modes of …

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Pina Bausch Fellowship 2019

Marc Philipp Gabriel is a Berlin based performance artist working with body, voice, installation, video and architecture from the perspective of dance and movement. His fellowship partner is Dançando com a Diferença dance company (Portugal), who work with physically and mentally differently abled people of all ages. Marc will learn about their understanding of dance …

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Between Horizons is a new collaborative piece from an international team of artists working in our current epoch. Creating a space of visual and physical navigation, this performance invites the audience to filter through visions of how our lives are shaped by circumstance, privilege, and transformation. Pondering the Anthropocene – our current geological time frame …

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Grażyna Roguski has developed a loosely woven tableau vivant of gestures and actions, which lies somewhere between a fashion show and a moving sculpture and makes reference to Carolee Schneemann’s 1964 performance ›Meat Joy‹. FLEISCHLICHE FREUDEN deals with the situation captured in long-since canonised images of the Fluxus movement in the ‘60s and ‘70s, one …

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MONSTRATOR – Helena Botto

Monsters are scary, terrifying and ugly -this is how we imagine them. Yet they are also representations of anarchy and signify longings of being ‚different’. Monsters give us the lusty creeps; ’angst lust’. Because they exist outside of the norm, monsters threaten our identity and agitate our certainty whilst confronting us with our own self. …

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photo: Dieter Hartwig  DOWN TO EARTH is a whirling dance of constructed identities shaped by increasingly complex constellations that go beyond the universal social interrogation of “where are you from?” and “what do you do?”. Existing examples of socially coded dance, music and cultural artifacts collide until alien identities are born and shattered on stage, …

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Music Pieces for Voice Piece

Evgenija Wassilev: Music Pieces for Voice Piece for Bass, Tenor and Baritone (after Voice Piece for Soprano by Yoko Ono), 2016 The work is based on a re-interpretation and translation of the instruction piece Voice Piece for Soprano by Yoko Ono, performed by musicians, in tribute to Yoko Ono’s piece and interpretation. The voice piece …

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Monday FEAST

 * * * * * Show your worst ideas, recycle material from the trash can, try out embarrassing concepts, show the things that you are scared to show.  Or just come to ​FEAST with whoever else turns up.  Every Monday evening. Please request the newsletter for more details. Mail to  * * * * …

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 26 MAY 2016 / 19:00 / CYBORG’S HERITAGE // Mayhem / Vanitas Performance Fest / Kopenhagen 24 APR 2016 / 19:00 / CYBORG’S HERITAGE // Talking to a deer (friend) / DOCK 11 / Berlin 09 SEP 2015 / 19:00 / CYBORGS HERITAGE // Veem House for Performance / Amsterdam CYBORG’S HERITAGE is an …

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Dusk. In the cosmic space of a sphere, two nude dancing bodies are brooding a creature that will be able to cross all borders. Be part of this birth ritual, get your GLORY-PASS and help assembling a queer bodyless animal out of the darkness! DRIFT by Patrick Ziza and Marc Philipp Gabriel sound design: Niki …

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