CO-CREATED AND PERFORMED by Shannon Cooney, Stine Frendsen, Marc P. Gabriel
LIGHT Sandra Blatterer
SOUND Anke Eckardt
Commissioned by Tanznacht Berlin 2012 and Ada Studios, 10 minute duration


acoustic sightlines was created using techniques created in Cooney’s teaching practice, Dynamic Expansion called “moveable cinema”. The score for the work was collectively decided upon. The score mapped meetings and interactions between the three dancers who were at all times engaging in the process of seeing/viewing and examining the visual field. Sandra Baltterer edited a video shot by Shannon Cooney a perpetual sunlight reflection, and Anke Eckardt uses a high-density microphone to pick up the real-time sounds of the space and amplifies them.

“I find Shannon Cooney’s research into the idea of the Movable Cinema, as an instrument to train the gaze of the performer differently, very interesting. Also her use of the method of Craniosacral Therapy to produce movement material could become a way connecting spectators differently with dance, stimulating the kinesthetic and somatic experience instead of an intellectual one. I am curious to see how she will develop both instruments in dance performances.” Inge Koks, 2012 Producer Tanznacht Berlin