Bill Baird: Novus Mundus

Bill Baird: Novus Mundus
with: Marc Philipp Gabriel and tba
Bill will stage together with local collaborators a television opera at ausland: Mundus Novus is utilizing motion tracking, video score, spatialization, a laptop ensemble, acoustic and electric instruments, a lengthy libretto, and a healthy dose of dream logic. The work was conceived during a Dresher Ensemble artist residency in February 2015. An early draft was broadcast live on Berkeley Public Access TV. The first episode premiered at the 2015 Switchboard Music Festival in San Francisco, CA. The opera occurs within a nightmare being had by Amerigo Vespucci, famed Portuguese mapmaker and namesake of the North and South American continents. The title is taken from a tract written by Vespucci, consisting of letters to his patrons, the Medici family of Florence

13 JUN 2015 / 20:00 / ausland / Berlin



Arriving on time is a score-based performance for three performers and one lifeguard. The performance is based on several rounds of four minutes, where the performers independently perform different tasks.

CREATION BlingBlingRecycling Collective
PERFORMANCE Cécile Bally, Emma Tricard, Marc Philipp Gabriel

24 MAY / 19h // 3AM / Am Flutgraben / Berlin
with the support of Flutgraben e.V., Public in Private studio and the Special Agency studio.

How does each of us experience time passing? What friction is there between an objective quantifiable notion of time and our own perception of it? – While working with a very simple score, we detach the action from its actual time-scale and discover which potential is carried by very simple daily-life actions. In doing so, we create very specific bodies and images on stage.

arriving on time_3am_600px



by Kareth Schaeffer

We’re in it for the money, honey: that dirty ol’ flipside of life in the limelight. Two years after its infamous debut, the mudwrestling tournament that took the contemporary dance world by storm is back with Dirt: An Apparatus. With infallible referee Kareth Kracken’ Bonez as your hostess-with-the-mostest, the heat is ON amongst the baddest contemporary dance artists this city has to offer (as well as anyone else who loves getting down and dirty), all ready to slip, slide, and grapple their way to never-ending fame, accolades from celebrity judges, and a chance at paydirt. Audience members are invited to put their money where their applause is in a slightly soiled spin on participatory performance: we guarantee that art has never been so filthy.

** THE KRIMINAL ** Marc Philipp Gabriel

30 MAY 2015 / 21:00h / Uferstudios



SHORT FILM by Dovile Aleksaite / Marc Philipp Gabriel / Martin Hofmann / Diethild Meier

created in the frame of the workshop DO YOU SEE WHAT YOU HEAR? – Scores for Video, Choreography and Voice

led by Antonia Baehr, Steffi Weismann and Isabell Spengler





Ahmed el Gendy / Amsterdam Solebaystraat / Catherine Nakawesa / Habsor / Ijzijde / Inna Krasnoper / Jasminka Stenz / Jija Sohn / Kibuye / Kieron Jina / Liselotte Singer / Ming Pak / Mzansi / Renen Itzhaki / Sharrman Dey / Skylark / Stine Frandsen / Yuli Kovbasnian / Alistair Watts / Asaf Aharonson / Cécile Bally / Fernando Belfiore/ Emma Tricard / Gyula Cserepes / Jin Young Park / Julek Kreutzer / Kasia Wollinska / Malibran / Midan Heliopolis / Miriam Kongstad / Moisa / Salmisaari / Sandhya Daemgen / Siu Lun Court / Virág Arany / Zajezdnia

shot at bus stops in Egypt / The Netherlands / Uganda / Israel / South Africa / Hong Kong / India / Poland / Germany / Belgium / Estonia

Marc Philipp Gabriel

Antonia Baehr
Siegmar Zacharias

Katharina Greimel, Debanshi Shah, Diethild Meier, Emma Tricard, Stine Frandsen, Liselotte Singer, Sunayana Shetty, Max Stelzl, Nikola Pieper and the Internet

23 APR 2015 // 19:00h // Uferstudios Berlin / Studio 14

10 SEP 2015 // 19:00h // Veem House of Production / Amsterdam

malibran_600px_web alltogether__600px_web inna_backlight_bw_72dpi__600px_web






A work by Cécile Bally

Starring Sunayana Shetty, Marc P. Gabriel, Asaf Aharonson, Liselotte Singer, Julia Plawgo

 Thanks to Clément Layes, Alexandre Viard, Emma Tricard, Martin Hansen, Tabea Magyar, Philipp Enders and Britney

APRIL 24 / 21:00h / Uferstudios Berlin / STUDIO 14

as part of POP! SHOW! FUCK! UP!



Full Performance recorded at Mayhem / Copenhagen / 26 May 2016

(23 mins)



Full Performance recorded at dock 11 / Berlin / 24 April 2016

(34 mins)


photo: Ahmed EL Gendy

26 MAY 2016 / 19:00 / CYBORG’S HERITAGE // Mayhem / Vanitas Performance Fest / Kopenhagen

24 APR 2016 / 19:00 / CYBORG’S HERITAGE // Talking to a deer (friend) / DOCK 11 / Berlin

09 SEP 2015 / 19:00 / CYBORGS HERITAGE // Veem House for Performance / Amsterdam


CYBORG’S HERITAGE is an ongoing performative research by Burkhard Körner and Marc Philipp Gabriel. Both of us have backgrounds in classical music and are recent graduates from experimental choreography schools (SNDO Amsterdam / HZT Berlin).

The idea for CYBORG’S HERITAGE grew out of an immense curiosity for what would happen if the specific modes and qualities of traditional western music making and the infinite possibilities and reflective processes of contemporary performance making start to inform each other: singing baroque music as part of a dance performance. What seems simple and obvious at first has undergone a crucial development that goes deeper than the superficial confrontation of both worlds. We are insisting on revealing the concepts, sub-layers, emotions, codes, conventions, taboos, patterns, mechanisms, social implications and relationships of each world, in order to explore what these inner layers can contribute to each other.

Starting from dissecting a vocal duet by Claudio Monteverdi and exploring physical approaches derived from partnering and contact improvisation, combined with pixelated full body suits, we began to summon a post-human digital body with permeable borders and fading individualities. We started exploring approaches derived from partnering and contact improvisation (in particular the symmetry practice of Jess Curtis and Maria F. Scaroni). Playing with modes of perception, flatness and universality on the visual level, the vocal level operates with individual timbres, social communication and emotional exchange between the two performers and the audience, moving on a fine line between comedy and seriousness.
We are working on the physicality of a post-human body, a body that becomes object, that loses individuality and is seemingly entangled with the world of other beings. An incomplete organism. A post-identity-body that is yet pierced by its vocal heritage.


CREATION AND PERFORMANCE Burkhard Körner and Marc Philipp Gabriel

THANKS TO Johanna Peine, Emma Tricard, Petar Sarjanovic, Graziella Gamonal, Jija Sohn, Lisa Skwirblies, Oneka von Schrader, Bussana Vecchia, Maria F. Scaroni and Jess Curtis


photo: Linea Kornum Rask

B: It will be our first creation after graduating from choreography

M: It’s not fitting in.

B: What do you need to know?

M: It is digging into our togetherness.

B: Can you see the thing which is so inherent for us?

M: It will be the non-human sounding of a butterfly.

B: What if a tone can tell more than a movement?

M: It is floating in delirium.

B: I think this is a piece which wants to bridge what seems to be opposite.

M: It is an urban dirty queer ritual club.

B: Is this a human drama or an expression of contemporaneity?

M: It is saying yes.

B: It is an encounter of two Germans who are not where they come from.

M: It is a caterpillar looking for transformation.

B: It wants to channel our desire for music into contemporary performance.

M: It is already there.




Das HZT Berlin freut sich auf April…

Wir lieben den Monat. Wir werden ihn verschlingen mit Haut und Haar. Wir werden dazu tanzen. Wir werden feiern, Stücke zeigen, Bäume pflanzen – und wir laden euch herzlich ein, dabei zu sein! Haltet euch auf dem Laufenden und eure Kalender vom 7. bis zum 24. April frei. Genauere Informationen über Performances, Vorträge, Workshops und mehr in Kürze. Bringt eure Liebsten mit!

h z t 4 l o v e & a r t!


\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /


HZT Berlin is looking forward to April…

We love the month. We’ll eat it up in one piece. We’ll dance to it. We’ll celebrate, we’ll show, we’ll make things grow – and we welcome you to join us! So stay tuned and keep your schedules free from the 7th to the 24th of April. Information about performances, lectures, workshops and more coming up. Bring your neighbours, lovers, friends!


h z t 4 l o v e & a r t !




SHAVE THAT GUMMI is an international choreographic research that unleashes between innumerable poles of difference.

How can we breathe under all the highly charged misconceptions that have been cast onto us in past and present times? Coming from two different continents, we are still chewing on the same piece of gum. F*ck. Being labelled before birth, we strive to move away from preconceived identities, longing for situations that are re-negotiated in every moment. Two bodies flying through their extremities, slurping, spitting, slicing, deflecting and avoiding one another – breathing in as two and exhaling as one.

SHAVE THAT GUMMI is a dance performance duet moving between ornamenting and defacing the human body as an object. A precarious duet of counter-colonialization. A dual player game, a pas-de-deux, a dog fight, a futuristic binary. Two opposites migrating into each other’s territories. SHAVE THAT GUMMI is pulling the audience into a game of projections, stripping multiple layers of conformity off the performing body.

PERFORMANCE & CREATION Kieron Jina & Marc Philipp Gabriel
LIVE SOUND Yogin Sullaphen

SPECIAL THANKS to University of Johannesburg Arts and Culture Centre, Joni Barnard and Xtina Magwaza Iqhwa

SHAVE THAT GUMMI is the outcome of Kieron Jina (South Africa), Marc Philipp Gabriel (Germany) and Yogin Sullaphen (South Africa) working in a 4 week artistic research period at University of Johannesburg Arts & Culture Centre.


as part of the


Transmediale 2015

Reversing the traditional concept of humans on top of machines, making us loose control, feeling captured.

Building simple electrical muscle stimulation units using open source electronics (arduino) and connecting them to performance sketches.

Workshop lead by Pedro Lopes.





Test Run:



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